on your feet

on your feet
on your feet phrase

I’m exhausted – I’ve been on my feet all afternoon!

Thesaurus: in a standing positionhyponym in a lying positionsynonym
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on your feet
1 : in a standing position

I've been on my feet all day.

He jumped over the wall and landed on his feet.

They say that no matter how a cat falls, it always manages to land on its feet.

By the end of the day the workers were dead on their feet. [=very tired but still standing, working, etc.]

◇ In figurative use, to land on your feet or Brit fall on your feet is to be lucky and be in good condition or in a good situation after having a bad or difficult experience.

He lost his job but landed on his feet when he was hired by another company just a few days later.

2 : in a good position or condition

The business is finally/back on its feet.

3 : in a healthy condition after an illness or injury

She should be out of the hospital and (back) on her feet again in a couple of weeks.

4 : quickly and while actively doing something

Good debaters can think on their feet.

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Main Entry:foot

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on your ˈfeet idiom
completely well or in a normal state again after an illness or a time of trouble

Sue's back on her feet again after her operation.

The new chairman hopes to get the company back on its feet within six months.

Main entry:footidiom

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